Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Flavor Fusion Convertible Mouthguard

$ 12.99

Shock Doctor Flavored Mouthguards are an advanced combination of performance, protection and Flavor Fusion technology from Shock Doctor, the innovation leader in mouthguards.

We took the #1 selling Gel Max mouthgard, renowned for its superior fit and protection, and added flavors that taste great with no compromise in performance. The ultimate flavored mouthguard from the number one mouthguard brand in the world.

  • Flavor Fusion technology
  • High impact shock absorption
  • Ultimate custom gel fit
  • Convertible Tether to use strapped or strapless
  • $10,000 Dental Warranty
  • Recommended for ages 10 and under


Model #: 6393Y (LemonLime)

Model #: 6343Y (FruitPunch)

Model #: 6353Y (BlueRaspberry)

Model #: 6303Y (Bubble Gum)

Model #: 6323Y (Spearmint)

Model #: 6333Y (Orange)

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